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Dishes used in serving and eating food.

PRESTILE KItchen Sinks

SUS 304 Designer Collection

Catering Products

Dishes used for serving food to guests during buffet.

CAM Kitchen Sinks

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A range of food preparation knives. Each type of knives is made with unique feature to cater for specific needs, such as chopping, cutting, boning, an...


Food containers to be used for food preparation.

General Containers

Containers made for food or water storage.


Bakeware made of both stainless steel and aluminium in various shapes and sizes.

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Your Health, Our Concern

In Central Aluminium Manufactory Sdn. Bhd., we are dedicated to make durable, affordable and quality products for your everyday convenience. Our products are made in consideration of balance between quality and affordability. Browse through our range of product, see what we have got to offer. Our two major ranges of products are the Hardware and KItchenware.


Featured Products
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Multi-function Steamer with Water Level Indicator and Temperature Control Stock Code...
A brand new cookware series with Encapsulated Base Technlogy, featuring an extra thic...

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