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Available in various size: a) AS3212 - 12cm b) AS3214 - 14cm c) AS3216 - 16cm d) AS3218 - 18cm e) AS3220 - 20cm f) AS3222 - 22cm g) AS3228 - 28cm h) AS3230 - 30cm...
Kitchenware Products

Eagleware Collection

Exclusively created for market users who have a sense of passion towards high quality stainless steel kitchenware. The products are made of SUS 304, that is highly recommended by worldwide stainless steel associates. Despite its realibility, the products are more hygienic and healthier!



This is the range of kitchenware products created to the vast market of users from middle level. We strive to achieve our objective: "Provide the BEST VALUE products to the market" which is generally affordable and good in quality!


EAGLE Prime Aluminium

Classical aluminium kitchenware, ranging from bakeware, tableware to various pots and pans that provide the best value for your money.

Hardware Products

CAM Kitchen Sinks

Good quality Stainless Steel kitchen sinks, exclusively for building and contruction projects.


PRESTILE Kitchen Sinks

Made of selected high quality SUS 304, the idea designer collection of kitchen sinks that suits your dream in a modern kitchen.



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